Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Apples Still Life Pass 2

Here is the second pass at the Apples still life I'm doing as part of my PAFA portfolio. I think The green apple is kicking my ass! I tickled up the BG a bit more to help with the values. I have one more pass at it, I'll do that in another day or so as I have crushing Kryptonian deadlines this week. Since it is a snow day here I figured I'd pick at it again this AM.

This is a little out of focus and has some glare too, I'll post the finish.


Mike said...

personally I think the Green Apple is the best of the two.

Nice job - is it in acrylic?

Mike M said...

Thanks, I am still not satisfied with the green apple, I got frustrated so I stopped, and Isha haved Superman pages waiting....

It's in oil, not acrylic. I haven't tried painting in acrylic in over 20 years.