Sunday, February 25, 2007


I continue to work on drawings and paintings for my PAFA portfolio this
weekend. I decided to bag the NYC con and spend the time on my work. I
kinda' kick myself for being down so close to the wire on this, but
that's always the way with commercial work, it eats up just about all
your time.

This drawing is from a photo I took when I went to
get my Jeep back in Jan when it was stolen. My brother Dave drove us up
into the north part of Philly, which is colorful and dicey in spots, a
mix of urban blight, new immigrant population and poor inner city neighborhoods. As we drove along I snapped pics, I saw so many people I thought it would be fascinating to paint and draw. At a stoplight this guy was pacing back and forth
with a really anxious, angry look on his face, he saw I had a camera
and I had him in the shot and tried to get him unawares by angling the
flip out screen 90 degrees to him, but he noticed I was snapping him
and got mad. There was that Philly tension. I snapped two shots before he walked off. the expression
on his face was like" What, what the F**K, Mother *&^^$#! Maybe he
was wanted for a crime, maybe he was hiding out, maybe he just didn't
like taking his picture.

Anyway, it would have been great to
draw him from life, but I don't think he would have been a cooperative
model. I've been looking and studying lot at drawings by various
American artists like both Andrew and Jamie Wyeth as well as Sargent,
hopper, and Dega. 8B pencil on Charcoal paper.

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