Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Figure Drawing Wednesday-Scott Noel

Noel in action teaching in class. Scott's such a dynamic teacher, he not only shows you solutions in his own work, drawing along side of us in class ( which makes you want to stop and watch-so I was a bit devided at times)but discusses solutions and ideas using drawings great artists from the past and the solutions some of us as students are coming up with in the class exercises--he challenges you to come up with answers and ideas and then to clarify them, make them specific, something real, not some BS atherial ideas.

Today we started with 5 minutes poses and loerked to one long 20 minute pose broken into two 10 minute scessions. he showd us Jacobo Pontormo and Dega drawings as well as his own and talked about how the space a figure inhabits is as important as the figure, about placement and use of space, design. He also talked about cross-conture drawing and how you can combine the use of line and form. Below is my first drawing, and my second from last.


CCG Coordinator said...

I like the second one best. I can see the cross-contour texture in the bent leg. The openness of the highlighted back is nice - no artificial lines containing the form.

Mike said...

Good stuff nice drawings. Scott Noel was an instructor of mine my freshman year at UArts, back in 1990 (WOW too long ago). He was a great teacher (probably still is) and made you excited about painting as much as he was. He helped me see things in painting that I never considered or saw before.