Monday, September 10, 2007

Monster on the Prowl

Friday was the opening of the Monsters Under The Bed show...whew! It was great! the place was packed all night and a lot of my friends, neighbors, current as well as former DCAD students came. A big group of my fellow students came from PAFA and a huge batch of my Philly Crew showed up as well as my brother Marc.

My work was broken up and in 3 places in the gallery, which was great because it got people to walk around and mingle.

The crowd was really quite diverse in just about any way you could imagine.

Lots of wine, cheese and yakking about art till about 8 or so, then they kicked everyone outside for a bit, then let us all back in as the rock show started. It was so packed in the gallery the crowd spilled out onto 10th street. We hung for a bit then took off to eat some get so great greek food at Effies, just off Pine St. It's run by my pal Stephen's cousin. I felt like a million bucks.

It was a really great show, I had lots of fantastic feedback about my work, especially the paintings which was gratifying--I felt all the hard work was really worth it. I got to talk to some of the fellow artists about their work and passed on a few marketing tips. It was great and draining, when i got home i was just zonked, but we had to be back up again the next AM at 6 to head off to baltimore for the con.

Big thanks to Ed the gallery owner and to Ryan the manager for really pulling off such an awesome event at AXD. the show is up until October, so you'll have plenty of time to see it.


Kelly said...

I'm so sorry I didn't make it to your show. Scott and I were supposed to go to three shows here in DE that night and ended up not doing anything because I had too much homework. I took breaks for video games of course and finally gave in to that completely, but that's just the short attention span problem kicking in. It sounds like you guys had a really great time. I wish I had gone. I would like to have seen the paintings in person and hanging in a gallery--I've only seen one. AND I miss you guys. I hope I can make it up there soon to see you two and the work you are both doing for classes at PAFA.

Jamar said...

It was great to see you representing up in that space, Mike!

It's a nice venue, and I'm glad it wasn't in the froo-froo olde city space down the road. I hate 'scenes', but this show was awesome. I like seeing different people out being themselves. That's a Good Look!

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Damn it, wish I coulda' made it!


UrbanBarbarian said...

Got the invite! Wish I coulda' come!

Kevin said...

Hi Mike!

We met at the BCC and you gave me some much-needed critique and advice for improving my work. It was greatly appreciated and I now have a direction for my artistic development where one was seriously lacking.

Anywho, I'll be watching your blog from here on out. Thanks again to both you and Echo for the wisdom and encouragement.

Kevin Bolk