Sunday, September 30, 2007

White Chalk Drawing

This is a drawing from last week's homework in Patrick Connor's cast Drawing Class. The assignment was to draw a cast lightly first in charcoal, etc., then to draw in the cast with a piece of white chalk. It's the opposite of how we usually draw by adding darks to a drawing to capture shadows, etc. I consider this drawing a big failure for a variety of reasons. I think I drew too heavy with the chalk, especially after looking back at the examples by Connors that he showed us in class. I also lost some likeness on the face and there are some proportion issue. It's just a little off here of there. But being just a little off can make your drawing a piece of shit. This cast The Slave by Michaelangelo is really awesome and tricky. He had a very unique set of proportions. the cast is dirty also, so there is a lot of places where the form is obscured or confusing as the dirty obscures a plane change, etc. The part I achieve what I wanted was the left arm and little monkey figure on the lower right. If I had done that with the whole drawing it would have been better.

This is a redo.


CCG Coordinator said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for sharing a frustration along with the successes. I agree with your self critique. And the problem with a cast of a well-known piece is the same as a celebrity likeness - no room for error because everyone KNOWS what it should look like. The left arm and the Monkey are looser, more suggestive and use the cross contour lines you often speak of. What kind of paper is this and how big? Any special type of charcoal -vine or pencil? Is the white chalk the same as used for a blackboard?
PS: I'll be in my first show today (Monday 10/1) at the local University! Wahoo! -JG

Mr. Hawthorne said...

Looks great, Mike! I think you're doing really damned well!