Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ebay Store Christmas Bonanza

The holiday season is upon us and so I've loaded up my Ebay store with some art. I'll be loading up some more art later this week as well. I went through my huge stack of artwork from over the years and I've decide to part with some of it. Art school is expensive!

I will also be taking commissions like the few I have posted here recently; the Thing fishing and the Hulk vs the Thing. The price varies but they usually start at $300 and up if you want something full on like a cover illo. Single figures go for less.

It's nostolgic for me to dig back into my artistic past. I see things I really like and then I see things that make me cringe or I wish I had done a better job on. The industry has changed so much since I started in 1984. I often wish we could go back in many ways to that time as I think there were better comics, the indy market was really coming up and the focus was more on craft/storytelling. I miss the old guard as editors too, guys like the late Archie Goodwin. Nobody left like him working in the biz today, overall the level of professionalism was much higher.

There are still good comics today, but not many catch my eye. the last thing I got kinda' excited about was the first few issues of Killing Girl.

What are you all reading and getting excited about?

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Steve Buccellato said...

Those "memory lane" pics are great, Mike. Thinking back to when I started at Marvel (1985) sure is bittersweet ( I miss Archie & Mark Gruenwald, too).

Not a lot of stuff excites me these days either, but there are some books worth checking out. I still buy 100 Bullets (mostly out of habit). I've also enjoyed the recent books: Umbrella Academy, Parade With Fireworks, the Scott Pilgrim series, The Killer, Lobster Johnson and some recent works by Brian Wood, Andi Watson, Simon Gane.