Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here is my first pass at the interior I am doing for Scott Noel's class, the last of the drawing assignments. I'll go at it again tomorrow night---then it's the last class and the crit on Wednesday. 22 x 30 on rives BKF.


Clint said...

Hi Mike,

What medium are you using? Looks great!

Mike M said...

Thanks Clint, it's pastel on rives BFK paper.

JaeJ said...

Hiya, this is FANTASTIC!

I'm currently doing a Degree in Interior Design and although I can copy draw very slowly! I'm useless and sketching out of my head, especially perspective. Any advice on how I can achieve sketches quickly also colour rendering - I bought some Tria Markers but can't get a smooth contrast, I seem to get lines. Any advice more than welcome : )

Thanks. J