Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Busy Weeks

I snapped the pic above of my painting in the school wide student show at PAFA that includes everybody from 1st to 4th year and the MFA program. The show has a lot of strong compitition so I am glad my piece was chosen. Afterwards I headed down to the Philly Sketch Club for dinner and socializing and I plan on becoming a member. It was a busy day....

Things have been busy, about as busy as they can be for me I think. Between teaching at two schools (DCAD,Uarts) and being in school at PAFA more that half time on top of my freelance work and DRAW! I don't have any days off. I'm not complaining really, I'm busy but I think I've got things balanced well and they actually help each other.

On top of all the shool and teaching I've been hired as a character designer on the new Batman cartoon. New you say? Yep. Batman Brave and the Bold is the new show, and it's a more kid friendly version, sort of Batman meets the Superfriends in a way. It's more Dick Sprang than any of the shows so far and I think that's really cool, to take it in another direction besides always trying to make Bruce Wayne younger. So my weeks are filled balancing between school and drawing for the show on top of the other little jobs that pop up like X-9 and the Creepertins. School is over half way done now anyway. And the regular pay is good too! This is one of the reasons that I haven't posted anything as I am working a lot but can't post any art from the show for obvious reasons.

These pics are from the DCAD Draw-a-thon, I got a piece of nice paper from my buddy James and tried some pastels I brought along.


Time Waster said...

Hey you ever try drawing with Carpenter Pencils? Big bulky yet can create subtle lines.

Alan said...

Wow you really pile it on, work-wise. It makes me embarrssed about how much I get done in a day.
Lovely nude study. Great colours: those blues, then the pillow, and the colour in that raised thigh-shadow.

Mike Manley said...

TW, yes I have tried them before. I think by now I might have tried drawing with just about everything once.

Alan, Thanks about the nude. You know it's not how much you do but how well you do it. I've come to do a lot of work and I am always busy it seems, but some artist work slow and that's what their process is about. Sometimes I'd like to work slower but most often I am not afforded that opportunity as the deadlines keep me moving in both school and work. The benefit is for me rewarding in that I feel the growth and if I mess something up---oh well, no biggie, I am starting something new soon. Also, for my personality I like being in that groove of working a lot and need that energy.