Friday, March 28, 2008

The Final session-4 weeks to go!

There are 4 weeks of school left with one crit week, the last day of each class. it seems the semester just flew by in a huge rush of plaster, paint and charcoal. Today was the final pose with Lisa and the final session on teh still lifes set up in the still life room. I snapped a pick so I may go back and finish the still life up a bit more. I stayed after and helped Jill and the ofther students break down the still lifes set up. We start fresh next week for the last drawings or paintings.

In Carolyn's class we have one long pose left and one painting we have to do from life outside of the class. I'll either do a self portrait or maybe paint a friend depending on the time constraints. There are things I like about both of these paintings and things I don't, many things, but it's all good practice though to be honest I feel pretty frustrated at times doing them.


Alan said...

The female nude just kept getting better. However frustrating to paint, it all came together beautifully. The warm flesh toned palette for figure and floor. I love the way the pinkish towel on the seat stands out and is perfectly placed, bringing out how great the composition is. In fact, isn't that cloth pretty much placed with perfect Golden Mean precision?

Mike Manley said...

Thanks Al for the nice comments. This was eyeballed to the Golden Mean when I roughed it in. This was a battle, in fact everyone in class was fighting on this one. the exercise was to create space, to depict the space the figure was in, and in that regard I feel I succeeded even though I'm kinda' 'eh" about the figure. I wanted it a bit looser...

I'll post what the teacher says in the crit on Monday.