Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Paint Day

Friday is amy all painting day at school, and so it's my favorite day, though it can be frustrating and taxing too. Standing on your feet from 8:30 till 4 is very tiring. This is the second pass at the new still life in Jill Rupinski's calss. of course i always set a challenge for myself by diving on the difficult piece. We have one more week on this so I might even take some time over the weekend to paint on it a bit. This one has a ways to go for sure.
This is the second pass on the figure from last week. I liek parts, hate partsm so we have two more shots at this for me to either redeem it or totally ruin it. The subject or lesson is paint the figure IN the space and to try and get the light and sense of atmosphere. I feel the space is there and part of the figure, but there still needs to be a lot more work overall to halp tie things together.

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Alan said...

Great development on the nude. The setting - the panels in the background etc - has a great sense of space, so you're meeting the brief. If I may say, in the photo at least, the thinness and faintness of the stool legs perhaps compromise the sense of the model being substantially placed on the stage - I'm sure this is temporary or to do with how the photo has come out. The model's head/neck, the arm, the light on the thigh: wonderful. Your knowledge of what colours to put in the shadows is amazing. Her right hand looks a little small right now. Love seeing this progress.