Sunday, April 20, 2008

NY Comic Con Day 1

I had a great time at the show yesterday. Sorry I missed some peeps like Jerry Ordway never see everyone. Booth and table free I was able to roam and yack, press flesh and do business. I like this much better honestly, been a while since I was a tourist at a show. Hung with my buddies Jamar a lot, saw Mike Hawthorne, Alberto Ruiz, Stephen Silver, chitted a chat with Tony Moore. I missed a lot of people so I'll try and hit them today.

The show is busy, but kinda' low key, figuring in it's NYC it seems way lower stress than San Diego. No over zealous security, and the thronging masses were in full throng at times but still, from the last SD it was much more bearable. Maybe because we don't have that lady yelling at people constantly from the address system to not run, stop, drop, and roll, etc. In fact I don't remember even one announcement. I hear sales are slow for some comics from many people but I think TOYS are doing well, many people say they are sold out of their stock. Lots and lots and lots of girls, many, many cute. it's the rise of the fangirl I think....lots dressed up. I think there are several distinct layers of fans to these big shows now, and while I think NYC is more comic centric than San Diego, I think many fans were there (at least 50%) for a lot of other stuff besides comics. There seems now a younger set of fan, female, in packs, there for their animae and manga, or even some superjock stuff, dressed up as their fave heroine. the like the attention. I think some people just come in and just skirt about for free swag. Saw plenty of babymen, but I have to say, maybe their numbers are dwindling a bit, they are being replaced by Grrlz. Scott and I saw two omega class babymen waddling out as we walked up to the show. Both were slathered in sweat, hair slicked to the sides of their heads, carrying swords and bags of booty.

Had great Thai food last night. I'll follow up with a big post show report Monday complete with lots of pics. It's back to the world of fine arts in the morning.

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Bobby Timony said...

I had to explain to a friend of mine that the boy-to-girl ratio at the cons wasn't as one-sided as he might've thought. I'm happy that NY ComicCon proved me right. There were a lot of cute girls there! (Yeah, I noticed too.)
I also noticed alot of children this year. It seemed to me that their numbers were growing from previous years. It was really cute to see them in costume, and saying the secret word (Cheeseburger!) to John Gallagher to get a free buzzboy comic.
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with you much, Mike. I had a GREAT time at the con, though! For me, it was the most rewarding convention experience yet.