Saturday, April 26, 2008

So Long Susan

FEHHH! Yesterday was the last pose of the semester with Susan, our model of the past month. I like parts of this painting and really hate parts too. I was really trying to get what my teacher was going for but it was kinda' clashing with my own thing, so I feel a lot of frustration on this one. But that's part of the game, sometimes you just totally screw the pooch!

What I did well I can take with me on to the next piece. And it's also an important thing to realize that sometimes what works for one person doesn't quite work for you, or that it might take time to sink in and mix in your process.

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Kelly said...

I think your biggest strength here is in the fact that you know what you like to do and have been doing but see real value in trying to get to what your instructor was going for. You sense that you didn't get it right, even though you like bits of this painting. Not something a lot of artists are willing to do--let go of a little control for the sake of expanding your talent repertoire.