Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sculpting Away

This is the second week of the last pose in my sculpting class. This week most of my time was spent repairing my sculp from the damage it suffered from lipping down, or falling off the wire armature. When I unwrapped it it was hanging , split. like meat on a hook. I had to go in a rip off everything from the waste down, wrap additional wire around the armature to "grab" the clay to prevent it from sliding down the armature do to the wetness and the weight of the clay. It was a pain, but that's the process, always liquid and at any moment disaster can strike, so you have to roll with it.

Next week I hope to finish getting the rest of the figure roughed in and then to start to refine it. I am also working on the final sculpture in Nochellla's class which I hope will be pretty interesting. I'll start on it this weekend by making a brain in super-sculpy.

Only 4 weeks left in school now and those will go by like lighting!

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