Saturday, July 26, 2008

Batman Brave and the Bold Trailer

The B and B team were at the Comicon of Friday for their panel where they premiered a sneak-peak trailer for the show.

I think it looks swell!


mark morris said...


This looks really cool and fun!
It is a breath of fresh air after all the dark and gritty stuff.

I agree with your comments on the "babymen." These people are really trapped in pessimism, distrust and probably self-loathing.

I enjoy comics that are fun and escapist for the most part. I want to see good triumph over evil and don't care that it is too black or white. There is more than enough gray in the real world for me. Why do I want to read about it in my entertainment media?

I would only add that the writers that brought this stuff about are not guilt free. Especially Frank Miller and his Ayn Rand fetish. These guys are either pandering to an audience or really think that stories have to be full of human misery to be interesting.

Thanks a lot.

Jason Moore said...

holy crap that has to be the coolest looking animation I've seen in a LONG time. I can't wait for this!! Absolutly LOVE the logo as well. WOW. :)

Bobby Timony said...

I agree, this does look swell. It looks both modern and retro at the same time. Love the Kirby Krackle in there, and the theme song reminiscent of a '60s spy show.

dubbleu said...

The animation is great. i like it a lot more than the current Batman cartoon right now.

When is its debut?

I was across the hall at Max Brooks' event, so I couldn't sit in on the Brave and Bold Panel.


great! Are we allowed to like it or show interest at all or will it start a rant ?

Mike Manley said...

I see from the comments I have read here and elsewhere seems most people like it. I know the babymen haters are out there, but then they are always there. The 9-year olds in my Friday cartooning class really liked it, and they are the audience the show is aimed at and the advertisers are trying to appeal to.

This is good sign and I think a good balance to the Dark Knight, which one of the kids in my class also saw.