Wednesday, July 23, 2008


One of the jobs currently in my studio is an issue of Vampirella, which I am inking over the pencils of my good buddy, John Heebink. John and I have worked together many, many times over the years, often on Elvira, and to me, the best thing we ever did as a team, Doll and Creature along with our buddy and writer, Rick Remender.

Since the deadline is tight (when isn't that the case in comics?) and John lives in San Fran, he scanned and put the pages on my server and then I downloaded them and printed them out in non-photo blue, and then inked them. I prefer inking the original pencils, but this works to save some time and of course $$$$.

I think this issue is out sometime in September or October.


Alan said...

The inks on this are great - really crisp. Great control.

Mike Manley said...

Thanks Alan. John's work is tight, yet loose enough to allow me some fun. He's really great on faces so that's where I try and stay "tight". John and Blevins along with John Romita Jr are my fave artists to ink for that reason.

And control is the result of practice, practice, practice over the years so that it really is "muscle memory" like doing any martial art or sport.