Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy Times

Boy,things have been busy around these parts the last week or so. Between my regular Warner Brothers gig on batman, and my two teaching gigs at PAFA and DCAD I added another class, this time teaching a cartooning and illustration coarse at Moore College in Philly for their Five Fridays program. I am teaching a class of 9-year-olds, which believe me, can be a challenge when the class lasts from 9am till 4. But it's a good group if kids and they really did a lot of drawing and painting and we had a lot of fun.
Some of the kids paintings and drawings from the workshop.

They are all huge Spongebob fans, so my talent with imitating voices from cartoons went over big. I tried to teach them about some basic things like color and had them mix their colors using just red, yellow and blue. It's amazing how fast a few of them took to mixing up all kinds of colors. I took the job on a whim as they didn't have a teacher for the class, so my buddy Jamar who teaches at Moore called and asked me if I'd do it, and so I said yes and then just winged it.

Next week we are going to try tackling drawing some comics.

I have also been inking a Vampirella job over the pencils of my buddy John Heebink for Harris comics and trying to finish up the newest issue of Draw! It should be out I figure about the 2nd week of August.

Another thing I have been trying the last few weeks is doing dome alternative process printing with my friend Kelly who's teaching it as a class at DCAD. Since we both teach on Saturday, when I am done I go down in the lab and hang out with her and see what she's up to. The Alternative printing she teaches is really interesting and goes back to the very origins of photography. By treating various papers or glass slides with light-sensetive solutions you can make all kinds of great looking prints, contact prints, without having to use an enlarger. This is a Cyanotype print i did this afternoon of a picture I took in a an old Chinese city in Dali, China, built in 1390. I took this on my trip to China last year and I hope to make a few more prints like this in the future. Kelly is a great photographer and a good teacher, so it's always fun. I even made a print from a photo I took in my photography class in high school.

I always liked photography too, guess it runs in the mankey blood as my dad a great pic snapper as is my brother Marc.


Kelly said...


Thanks for the plug. I can't tell you how much fun this stuff is when there's no pressure involved!

Glad you were able to come in again and super glad you got something out of it! The split toning in the image you got is just the coolest thing.


Mike Manley said...

No problem Kelly, it was great fun and you really know your stuff. I'd really like to do a lot more of this when I have time.