Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to School-and Big Weekend

Last week I took off from school to catch up on a bunch of freelance which you can foollow in the previous posts. But today was back to school and back at catching up. I really had to catch un in Al Gury's class since I missed that last pose and I don't get the Tuesdays classes with the model. So I really rushed to block in the figure and the background and get the masses in. Peter van Dyke filled in for Al today and Peter's a fun guy and a rea;lly good teacher and artist himself, having studied at the Florence Academy.
The first thing I did was fix the charcoal sketch and then it was slap away with the big brushes.
It's gonna be a race on the last few poses to try and get this one done....
Here is the bust we are modeling of Zenia in John Horn's class. Luckily my clay didn't dry out and I was able to rebuild the mouth and mass in the hair today, but I ran out of clay, so I'll have to split a bag with somebody next week.
It was also my birthday this weekend and I had a very nice dinner over at my biddy Jamar's place, My buddy Scott came down and he and I went over and had some awesome Chili cooked by Darcy and Jamar made me a Spice cake for my birthday cake. I won't tell you what I wished for, but maybe you can guess.

I also went to the US Artist show hosted by the Women's Board at PAFA at the Armory on Drexel's campus. Every year they host a big weekend art show where top galleries from all over the US come and show their best artists work. I had a great time, and thanks to my buddy Dave I met David Kassan, and great artist and awesome, down-to-earth fella along with several other nice artist from NYC. I also spent a great time with a few of my fellow PAFA classmates, some of whom did demos during the show.


andreas said...

well, happy birthday then!
hope you have a great year in front of you, but who would doubt that?

alan said...

Hapy Birthday for the weekend.Nice cake. The thumbnails of the male nude are fascinating to see; ditto the progress pics on that. However rushed, it looks like it's gonna be a good one. Frok what I remember, the likeness on the clay bust is coming along too.

Craig Zablo said...

Happy Birthday!

Dave said...

It was certainly nice to have you back at school and I was very happy to have gotten the chance to hang out with you at the show. I like the composition of the painting and the design of those initial shapes. Looks like you are racing through the sculpture too, It looks good also. Again, Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike M said...

Thanks guys. I could personally use a better year than the last one for sure, the last year has been really a rough one and I'd like to rake a lot of it into a pile and burn it--a few people might get tossed on the top for good measure :-)

Artistically it was a good year, I can say that, so there was some very good things from that angle, but here's to the next one being much better all the way around.