Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Art Dump

I thought I would load up a bunch of recent drawings from school, mostly from my still life class with Mike Gallagher, like the still life of the belvedere Torso I'm still working on above, or the pelvis and femur drawing from John Horn's class below.

The drawings below are a mixed bag from the Thursday Night drawing sessions this semester, the are 1 minute, 5 minute and a 20 min in there. Some weeks are better than others, sometimes by the evening I am kinda' shot, and I am really trying to work through some stuff, trying to get to a less sort of "reporters" academic drawing but without loosing the fundamentals. Sometimes I just rush too much and blow the drawing.


Anonymous said...

Nice Mike! That still life drawing is just the bees knees my man!
Its hard not to rush during poses that are under 5 minutes...I thought the ones you posted were all pretty strong given the time limits. I know you captured much of the essence of the models especially the one of Grace.

Mike Thompson said...

3, 5, 6, and 7 are the strongest of your gesture drawings. Nice work, Mike

Mike M said...

Thanks Dave. Sometimes my focus is a bit off after the long day...and there were other distractions as well--which we spoke of >:-(

Mike, yeah, I think the last few I was getting warmed up. I'd love almost nothing but 3 hours of 5 minute poses to draw.

alan said...

Great, fascinating set of posts. The last life drawing from the bottom seems very different from your usual style/approach. I assume it was the 1 minuter. Has a very nice loose quality though; like (dare I say) a Rodin.
The still-life is coming along great. The excellence of the composition is more and more apparent as the tones are laid down in more detail.

Mike M said...

Thanks Alan, I think the bottom pose was a 5 minute pose. Gesture, shapes, carving the major light planes is what I am going for. To try and get that sculptural feel to the figure.