Thursday, December 04, 2008

The last Wednesday

This is pastel on Rives BFK

This was the last full Wednesday class, next week is our class critique, so it was the last full class with Scott Noel, and this was the drawing i started in the class. I missed last week due to the holiday, and having oh so many things to do like cook and clean. Scott is the man, no doubt, I have learned so much from having him as a teacher and I dare say now as a friend, he's such a sharing person, a hard task master and demanding master. Time in his Dojo in the cast hall is always well spent. I can't grab the pebble from his hand, but I am far closer to being the type of artist i want to be because of him.

This is the second pass on the Grisaille still life in acrylic I am doing in Mike Gallagher's class. I have one more time at it--tomorrow in the uninstructed class, then I am done with all my classes except for my painting class with Al Gury on Monday. Mike is really a great teacher and I wish I could have him again next semester, but his classes booked up, but maybe in the fall I can take his advanced still life class.

I think I made the most progress in this class this semester, and I have been able to take what I've learned here and apply it to my other classes. Mike suggested I try acrylics this time and it's been tricky learning with them, they dry so much faster, but- hey, everything has a learning curve.


Anonymous said...

Nice Mike, I didn't get to see that top one and I totally dig it.

Mike M said...

Thanks Dave, I was a bit sleepy to start and wish I had more time as always. bit I like parts for such a quickie :-0