Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to School--Spring 2009

Today was the first day of the Spring 2009 semester and the kick-off to the school year for me as a student. next week i start back as a teacher at Uarts, teaching storyboarding once again.

As a student I have two painting classes, one printmaking class and Art History II and now I am officially into my second year as a student in the certificate program. Today was the first class for both Life Painting 2 and Figure Comp. I'm the class monitor for the Figure Comp class as well. The painting above was done in the Figure Comp Class which is taught by Doug Martenson who I had the first semester in year one for painting. I started this oil sketch 3 times, wiping out what I did until I came up with this composition, I'll have one more class with this pose on Friday.

I think this pic sums it all up, Art and Hope might be the themes for me this year, and lots and lots of Hope!
The Still Life room lay quite awaiting the earnest brushes of the my fellow student.


William R. Moore said...

Mike,have a very good semester. Looking forward to following your experiences though your post of challenges and resulting solutions.

Amin Amat said...

Same here. And like a good artist stealing techniques. :)

Mike, you mentioned in way old post who the influences for Klaus Janson and Dick Giordano were. What was his name and where can I find some of his stuff online?


-- Amin!

Mike Manley said...

Well they were both heavily influenced by Neal Adams who was influenced by Stan Drake, truly one of the greatest strip cartoonists of all time.

Amin Amat said...

Thanks Mike!

Remind me sometime to show you some Kolchak pages I'm working on.

-- Amin!