Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Big Commute

Here is my initial rough in of a bigger painting I'm working on in my commuting series. As I make each big step I'll post it up and talk about what I'm doing. One of the tings I need to do is get a bigger easel, which I hope to get in the next week or so. I roughed in with a medium charcoal pencil and the canvas is a Dick Blick canvas 24 x 30.

The next step will to be define the drawing more and work out details, better then fix it and start painting.

I'll have some smaller paintings underway as well.


Brian Churilla said...

I really admire folks who can plot their perspective so confidently. It's really cool to see. Thanks for showing the process.

Mike Manley said...

Brian, well perspective is old-hat now for me. Funny, it seems for some, a huge hurdle to jump, and maybe I am the rare guy, but it was the easiest of the 'rules' to learn. I think the fact my grandpa gave me a Loomis book as a kid helped put me on the path at about 11.

To create an illusionistic space you need to get it down, now it's just the way I do stuff and I realize what I like to try and do is create a real sense of space in the comics and the paintings I do, linear and atmospheric.

The battle on this piece is to not let the perspective ruin the mood and feeling.

j said...

The drawing is tight I cannot wait to see how it turn out Mike.