Sunday, March 08, 2009

Martians Go Home Pencils

I am working full bore now on my new series for Sequential Comics called martains Go Home, and like I said in a previous post I'll be covering my working process on the book. To start out here are 3 pages and you can see the thumbnail roughs above where I broke the script by Martin Powell down. For me this is the most creative part of comics, not that drawing or inking isn't creative, but figuring out how to show something, or why to show something is the most challenging part of storytelling. I was also thinking a lot about acting, how the characters act and their gestures, or Luke's gestures. He's a bit buzzed from drinking and frustrated writing his story, so i wanted to convey that clearly.
After I had the roughs done I went straight at the board and using a Col-erase 2004 Blue pencil I roughed in the page.

After I rough out each page I go in with a mechanical pencil with a 2B lead and tighten up the drawing. Now since I am inking this I don't need to go crazy-tight with the pencils, I can leave some finish for the inking stage. This is also a humorous book, so I can push poses and gestures which is a lot of fun.

After I use the mechanical pencil I use a regular 2 B lead pencils a put the bolder blacks in.


Jamar said...

THAT'S AWESOME! Thanks for letting us into the mind of minolta!

Brian Churilla said...

Love seeing the process. Thanks for sharing these.

Pastor Dave Mason said...

Love the process also. could I ask a question... which boards do you use? blue line? or do you get strathmore and cut them down?
I'm working on a project for the first time and wanted to get decent boards. using the Cason boards I found at a local Michael's craft store. they seem alright, though i don't like the way a brush slides on them! any suggestions?

Kelly said...

God those little Martians scare me. I hope they only exist on paper. If they ever come to life, I'm leaving the planet. The drawings are fabulous, by the way, but I feel the need to skitter around in the shadows to avoid the wrath of the little guys. In that last frame it's like, "Ta DAH!" AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Will burying spring rolls in my backyard keep them away? :)