Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WEEK 8--The Final Countdown

Well Spring Break is over and we are on the decent into the Spring Shows and the end of the semester. Today I picked my classes for the fall, so I am basically set for the rest of 2009. Come fall of 2010 I will be a full 3rd year student.

I will probably augment some classes over the summer to pick up a few extra credits and I might even try a class over at Studio Incamminati if I have the extra time and money. I will have a full schedule working over the summer on Martian Go Home.

This painting in Al's class lay fallow for almost 2 weeks with the break. So I am trying to bust it up much looser as we only have one more pose on this. I taped my little study to the painting to remind me of how bold I wanted to go. I'm using a big brush too, a big fat flat, as big as I can use so I also have to keep it loose.

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Kelly said...

And loose and lovely it is! I think I like the way you're not as tight with the figure in the little sketch just a little more than in the larger version. The edges of the figure are just a little bit fuzzier in places on the little one, and I like that a lot! Then again, I like blurring the lines a little.