Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Week 12--The Countdown

This being week 12, it's only 4 weeks or 3 weeks of actual class till the end of the semester, the last week of class is always crits.

Last semester the crits went really quick in most classes, and the there is the annual Spring Show which ties into the ASE and so many people are pulling their hair out and getting mad, frustrated and depressed as the road starts to run out. Some fellow students are worrying about even passing their classes.

So it's the usual Spring school daze. There has also been the usual high school drama with school, so I'm looking forward to the break from that as well. Sometimes it's not easy being around people on a different life track. I hope to submit some work to the Spring Competition, I have a few pieces in the works and hope to get a few more done, but with my busy Freelance schedule my reality is that I might not get all I want done. That's life, or my life since I am balancing so much on my plate now. I honestly look forward to the summer so I can do more of my own painting and drawing on subjects away from school and get into my own head-space as it were.

I might take two classes for extra credit to push my 2nd year closer to being done and I am offering a CE class on comics and cartooning at PAFA this summer.

Below are two paintings in progress from school, one for Al Gury's Life painting class and the other the last painting in Doug Martenson's Figure Comp class.

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William R. Moore said...

Good Luck! All the school assignments, commercial assignments, teaching and the work for shows is a difficult challenge. I think you have been doing great in all areas. I enjoy following your progress. Many or all of the other students are being exposed to deadlines for the very first time and are probably a little rattled. Your comic book career has prepared you better for dealing with deadlines, although it sure would be great not to have so much on your plate, You are in school under quite a handicap and I am sure it gets to you knowing you could produce more and better if you had the luxury of more time. Hang in there, My money is down on you. If there is a school "Tenacity Award", I think it is yours.