Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WEEK 14-Blow The Bridge!

These last few weeks except maybe for Saturday it almost always seems that despite the fact that the days are getting longer time seems to be getting shorter and it's always becoming night.

This is the last full week of classes at PAFA, so of course I have a horrible deadline on top of that to drive in an extra spike in the hand--as if I haven't suffered for my art enough...there will be many pots of coffee and little sleep this week.

I finished the cast hall painting last night after Figure Comp class. I adjusted values and glazed down the big room more and lightened the far room to push the contrasts and then visited little areas all over slightly adjusting transitions. So one nail out..I finished one paper and have one left to do which I'll be working on today and tomorrow, so that will leave me only Intaglio to finish up my prints in--plus my paintings for Spring Prizes which may come down to finishing up only one. I have several pieces to submit though. Still I am disappointed I didn't get to do more paintings I feel are worthy of submitting to the Spring Prizes at school, but deems da breaks when you have 3 jobs like i do. next year I'll have a lot more paintings that I will have done over the course of the summer and fall.

I have one more shot at this painting from the model Stephanie who's I learned yesterday is moving to England after the semester. Too bad for us as she is a good model and those are not easy to find. There is still a lot left to do here, her head needs lots of work as do many little transitions--but we'll see what I can do on Monday, then we toss it in the pile. Which pile? The OK, or the larger pile of crap paintings, all battles lost--we'll see.

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areveka said...

Hi Mike, I just read your recent entry and this is my first blog comment - ever. I just wanted to say that I really like your cast hall painting.Really strong and I like the feeling . I know you are busy as it is that time of year. I hope you haven't forgotten me! Call if you get the chance...Thanks much, Rebecca ( in Canton Ohio )Happy painting.