Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 13 Down to the Wire

These are the three paintings I have in progress right now at school. I am enjoying this one the most, painting in the cast hall at night is great--this is two sessions in and I'll try and do two more this week and next week, I still want to add a figure as it's for a homework assignment.
I took my third pass at this painting today, and have 3 more classes to try and get it completed. I made decent progress today and tried to really work on getting the her body to turn in the light. I did a little glazing to do that. next week I'll concentrate some more on her face and hand and then bring up the background more
This painting is giving me a fit, I am pretty happy with the gals figure but the model Jon kept falling asleep as I tried to paint his head on the seated pose...arrgghh! Well Friday I get to try again.

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