Friday, June 19, 2009

Jamie the Third

Here is the latest portrait of my friend Jamie which I just completed, she posed for our recent Dirty Palette Club meeting.

I'm doing at least two portrait paintings a week outside of the class I'm taking at school, plus the ones I am working on in class. I have also been studying my favorite artists a lot like Sargent and Fechin. I'm working on trying to be looser, doing more with less and man, that can be so frustrating, one stroke it seems you are closer to Heaven and the next closer or actually in Hell. AAaarrgh! I wiped out three starts on this painting and only with this, my 4th attempt did it seems to pull together better.

But practice does make perfect, or better...even if it can really me maddening at times.


Michael Dooney said...

Wow, does she really have that much hair???? I had the same reaction when you posted the other painting of her as about volume whoa!

Mike Manley said...

Funny, everybody goes gaga over the hair. yeah, she has lots, you can see in the pics posted on the DPC blog.

Michael Dooney said...

Also, if you dig Fechin you should check out Carolyn Anderson's work and while I'm at it, some other figurative painters' blogs that are worth checking out. There is no shortage of "Daily Painter" type blogs out there, but very few that paint people. Here are some good ones

Mike Manley said...

Yes, I like her, Jove Wang and Jeff Watt, all very Fechin-eaque. Thanks for the links, most daily painters don't do figures, I think A) it's expensive to have a model every day B) it's very, very demanding, you can screw up and apple, or move a tree, who cares, nobody will notice, but the figure requires a lot better draftsmanship on top of painting. The figure is unforgiving.