Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mr. Scavee R.I.P

I had to have my little buddy Scavee put don last weekend as he was in liver failure from feline leukemia. It's really a brutal disease as Scavee was a big healthy cat, at over 12 lbs. He walked into my house Thanksgiving day of 07 like he owned the place, right after dinner as people milled about on the porch. In fact it was suggested he may have been my old dog Buster reincarnated, as Thanksgiving was his favorite day.

My Ex didn't stay but Scavee did and his name came from the sound effect I drew on an old comic strip, the sound of a laser gun firing, my ex thought that was so funny, and it was a running joke we'd name our son Scavee, well obviously we didn't and won't be having kids, but we did use the name. he was a great cat, and I haven't had a cat in 20 years, I am really a dog person, but Scavee won me over and after Buster died he was good company for my other dog Shazam, sometimes they'd even sit in the window together.

When he first fell ill last summer the vet diagnosed him with the disease and said the level which he had meant he probably had it at birth or contacted it soon after,so if you love your cat get him or her vaccinated! After that he had to become an indoor cat, he liked to fight and I hadn't gotten him fixed yet, he didn't like the former but I'm sure he was fine with the latter. I'll miss my little buddy. I went up to see him before they put him to sleep, and he was really out of it, but I got him to purr and when I left, tears in my eyes he even mewed a week mew goodbye.

Though it was a sad weekend and maybe to help get some emotions drained out I started another painting in my commuter series, this one is in progress and this is one sessions work, 18 x 24 in oil.


j said...

I am so sad to hear of your loss. Losing a beloved pet is like losing a loved one.

Take Care

Mike Manley said...

Thanks j, pets are personalities and fully formed beings in our lives just like people, we love care and react to them just like our fellow human animals so it's always a real sad hurt when they go. I guess in Scavee's case since I knew he had the illness I was sort of prepared for the fact he wasn't ever going to be here long. Still it was a teary farewell and we had some good times in his brief stay here on this plane.

Clint said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Scavee. We lost our poor old Anastasia (19 yrs old) this spring, and I swear, I keep almost tripping over a cat that's there in the corner of my eye one moment, and the next, nothing there. Her son Squeaky probably won't last out the year.

The Golem said...

Is this in reference to an actual location? I have recurring nightmares like this - taking the train home; up a hill.

Mike Manley said...

Golem, yes, this was painted from a photo I snapped while we were waiting at the bottom of a hill climbing up I think to 56th street? The train stopped and I could see the other train in the station ahead of us.