Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Portrait Class Week 3

Here are the next two portraits from Al Gury's portrait class I am taking at PAFA this summer. These were two week portraits and the one of Bonnie I did a major rework on, basically repainting what I did from the first sitting, my position and her pose were quite different this week.

Still fighting some proportional and value issues as I sometimes just rush the start and a bad start always means a fight. I'm really trying to be looser and yet keep the drawing, I'm working on applying Al's approach which is bolder and looser and I realize I'm by nature and traing an much tighter, closed form painter or drawer from all my years as a comics and animation artist.
The one of Emma has better drawing but they could both use many little tweaks and fixes, but this is sorta' like boot camp, you just have to hit it and run on to the next.

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