Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Creepertins

Here is the back to School strip for the Creepertins this month, which is a play off one of the strips from last year. There was a bit of a break when the magazine bumped us 2 months in a row but it seems we are back on the schedule now. It's been quite the mix of jobs in the last few weeks, I finished the Secret Saturdays Kids book for Random House, this strip, teaching my cartooning class at PAFA, painting and now I'm back on the Martian book and finishing up DRAW!--the summer is burning down fast, in three weeks School starts again!


Esteban said...


This message isn't really about your post, but I figure you could help me out.
I live in Chile and I'm trying to find a paper close enough to the famous bristol strathmore paper the comic book artists usually use, but, well.. I can't.

That paper doesn't exist in Chile, and the next best thing I found was this:

Anyway, I was also trying to figure out the dimensions of the comic book page and I can't quite figure that out either.

Turns out that comicxpress.com has a guideline of the dimensions of a printed comic book page, but they don't quite fit inside a 11' x 17' page if you calculate the ratio at 166.66667% (since the live area of the page is 6' x 9' printed, and 10' x 15' on the originals,... according to the relatively scarce info I could find online).

I'd really appreciate if you could help me out with the dimensions of the comic book page (and the bleed, trim and live areas of the page), and what paper could be a good substitute for the bristol strathmore paper, from those I linked up there (it really doesn't get much better than those).

Thanks in advance

Mike Manley said...

The dimensions you have are correct, 11 x 17 with the live art area 10 x 15, you can add 1/4 in for bleed if you want.

and good drawing paper that can take pen and brush can work, if you can't get 3 ply bristol, my friends from Buenos Aries used a 1 ply very often.

Esteban Pedreros said...

Thanks a lot.

I did found a paper to draw comics, it's actually a 20 page block with a 250 gr/m2 paper, that says "Angouleme" on the cover, is a bit Expensive and the format is A3, which is close enough to the 11' x 17' you use.