Saturday, August 01, 2009

Super Sad continues

I finally was able to get back to working on my newest painting yesterday. I worked all day and well into the wee hours on it and then adjusted more this am. I still have a long way to go and I want what I did to set up so I can work back into it. I have two more paintings in this series as sketches that I want to get going on maybe next week.


William R. Moore said...

Looking good, Mike

Arian Moisés said...


This picture is amazing!!! I love it!!!

I make some pictures like you...but not soo perfectly...

I am finishing a oil paint; and the picture is a bird. I think that is beautiful, but my favorite art is draw. I am drawing soo much, every day I can do it.

Did you visit my drawing blog?? Please, if you visit it, post a coment!!! I will be happy!!!

I know that it's boring when someone visit a blog and can't read it. I am thinking of translate my blog: whrite in portuguese, and below in english.

Last week, I added a Gadget. And it is a computer translator for blogs and sites...

Sorry...I whrote soo much in here =D

Bye bye...see you latter!!

Arian Moisés.