Monday, August 24, 2009

Martians Go Home

Here is another page from MGH, Luke is really losing it here. I pushed the warpiness of the perspective in the last panel to enhance his drunken rage. A solid knowledge of perspective is a great tool because once you know it you can then break or twist it to lend the effect you want in your work. Artists like Gene Colan used that approach in his work to great effect.

I will be finishing the pencils in the next two day on the first issue and then jumping straight into the inking so I can try and get as much inked before school starts in full swing next week,


Silvio Spotti said...

HI Mike.
I got a question.
Is that Canson paper for comics you said, any good?

Mike Manley said...

Silvio, Yes the Canson paper is ok, not as good as 400 series Strathmore--but then again little is as good as that these days.