Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fall Semester 09 starts--week 1

So the first full week of the fall semester at PAFA and it was a week that was good but seemed to rush by. I was very excited to start my painting class with Renee Foulks. The first assignment in the class is to do a grisaille painting, so I stared my small quicker study and then I'll do a larger one, the painting above was blocked out in basically one class.

My other classes met for the first time except for my animal drawing class which met for the second time. It was also the first Thursday for me teaching my two storyboard classes at Uarts, and man...that is a long day, i taught 14 hours that day, so my voice was kinda shot by the time I git done, but it looks like a good group of students.

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scorch said...

cool pose, how did you guys manage that? and for how long?