Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 5 Underway

Many things going on this week, the 5th week of the Fall semester. I just finished up the last little bits of DRAW! 18 and it's now in the able hands of my layout man Eric, and should be in stores by mid October I hope. I am inking up the end of the first issue of martians Go Home and teaching my three storyboard classes at Uarts which is going really well this semester. I have a great bunch of students this year which makes it fun to teach, even on the days when it gets really long--I have two days, Tues and Thurs that end up being about 14 hours worth of class. But the semester is going by quick!

I also got to put in a bit more work on the figure painting I have going on at PAFA in Renee Foulks class. It's a tough one, the model really has a hard time holding this pose during the session and from week to week a lot of things really change, so I end up repainting things a lot, the arms and hands, legs change every 20 minutes---in fact I have repainted parts of this dam thing every's a 6 week pose so I think we have one more week left and then we are done. Frankly I'll be glad, it's pretty frustrating--but in the end what doesn't kill me will hopefully give me something to talk away with, though I have been really tempted to put my fist through it many times. It's a grisaille and the values are really close in a lot the set-up and figure, so it's a very subtle painting that takes time to develop. am not really a picky painter, but this is making me be pretty picky.

Below is the cover for DRAW! 18 by the feature artist this issue, R M Guera the artist on Vertigo's Scalped, probably my favorite ongoing comic beside the issues of Hex drawn by Jordi Bernet.

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