Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 4

Week Four has come and gone fast, hard to believe we are starting on the 5th week in some of my classes at PAFA, a quarter of the semester gone already. It's weird, I am super busy but don't feel like I've done much though. I am teaching a lot, a heck of a lot and I am drawing and painting but it seems like I am having little to show. I guess the holiday tossed wrench in too. This week I look forward to getting to really sit down and have at the paints. I came across this study for a painting from last semester while digging through some stuff. Below is one of my drawings from Animal Drawing this week, not a great drawing but the class went fast and I didn't get there on time. I just put the final touches on my article in the newest issue of DRAW! so I'll update everyone with the street date when I have it.

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