Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Portrait Class Week 3

>This is my first portrait from my class with kerry Dunn over at Studio Incamminati, the atelier founded by Neslon Shanks. It's located just a few short blocks from PAFA and I have wanted to take some classes there for a while, In fact I looked into going there before PAFA, but they don't offer the student aid or a degree.

This was the second session of a two-week painting where we are doing an open grisalle using a chromatic palette of Cad Red Deep, Cad Orang, Van Dyke Brown, Ultramarine blue and white, I also added a little Cad Green to the palette. You can see my first week's block in on a post below, and this week following Kerry's talk we went straight in using this pretty dam intense color palette. In fact that is one of the areas where the approaches between between PAFA and Incamminati really stand out . Nelson Shanks paints with a very chromatic palette compared to the more earth tone based or classical palette mostly used at PAFA. As always I wish I hand more time to work in more transitions on the face and work on the eyes more and the mouth, but I'm still fairly happy with this one now.

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