Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 110th Annual Student Exhibition--The Big Show!

Well this was the week of the big show, what we students in our third and fourth year work towards all year, hanging our wall at the annual Student Exhibition and it was a great, fun and very tiring experience. I had a lot of great reaction to my work as well as contact with local galleries and sales. It was great to see it and experience from the inside with my friends and it was great that so many of my friends also came by to support me.

The event unfolded over two days, the first was the Preview Night where the big wigs and art collectors pay a white china price for dinner and the opportunity to come in and buy artwork before the show opens to the public. It's hosted by the Women's board of the Academy and it's a lot of fun but also a different atmosphere than the Friday opening which was open to the general public. That night I talked a lot more to people about my art and got a lot more comments, the show was also packed and well covered in the local media.

Two days of standing for hours on my feet did take it's toll though...

I also attended the Spring prize Ceremony on Friday before the Women's board lunch where I received my first place award for the Susan Macdowell Eakins painting competition.

But next week it's back into the studio and painting again, I have plans to do a lot of painting over the summer.


leifpeng said...

That's great, Mike - congratulations! Sounds like a fantastic event and a big success for you. Onwards and upwards!

Mike Manley said...

Thanks Leif!

lost_in_woods said...

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