Sunday, May 01, 2011

SPRING SEMESTER 2011 Week 14, THE END is Here.

The spring semester is basically done for me, just one more crit with my critic Celia Reisman and then I'll be submitting a bunch of work to the Spring Prizes at school and start hanging my wall for the ASE on Tuesday.

I have to say it feels great to be almost done, done. I wish I could have finished up another painting or two--but that's always the case. I feel my wall is really strong and I hope it brings me some sales and gallery offers after really pushing myself as an artist and spending the money to frame them and all the hard work this year. I really feel this was a good year for me as a painter and I can see the growth---though I turn forward and look at the Art Mountain I still have yet to climb. I had a great time with my fellow DPC buddies as well and I can't tell you how much it is vital and important to have such a great group of friends to support me at school.
the painting above of my friend Alina was the last official painting I did for my ASE wall. She was so busy herself I had to work from a photo which brings with it a whole host of problems, but it's so hard to try and get anyone to sit for a portrait this time of year when everybody is just jammed with work. I have to say that taking that portrait class at Incomminati with Kerry Dunn last winter along with help from Scott Noel and Renne Foulks helped me lick a few nagging issues. It is a great thing to try and stretch out my legs and really push for the gold and apply the lessons and thoughts I've been exposed to this year. My third year at PAFA has been my best so far.

This painting in rustoleum on cardboard is for mike Gallaghers class and base on the other painting I did for that class a few weeks back. the assignment was to make a painting based on the first, but from my memory. I did this really quickly, in only a few hours. After I was done it started to remind me of one of my favorite books from childhood, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.

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