Monday, May 16, 2011

Pulp Cover Of The Year!

I just received the actual physical award for my Best Pulp Cover of the year in the mail for my cover to Robin Hood, King or Sherwood.


MichaelJA said...

Congratulations Mike!

Been following your blog and watching as your furthering your education and I applaud you amigo! I hope to attempt the same thing but till I can sit & stand for longer time lengths than I've been able to since '07 due to my hip problems, I'm now waiting for a replacement... as well being too fogged up from the daily doses of opiates to help manage the pain I can only watch your developments and I've been enjoying your progress.

Bravo amigo!

LUD! said...

Something to put on the mantle!

Congrats again, Mike!

Ashley K. said...

Yay! Awesome!

Vee said...

HOLY CROW! AWESOME!!! Congratulations dude. =)