Monday, June 27, 2011

Lobo Layouts

I'm posting a few layouts I did in helping Jerry Ordway on a recent lobo project. I laud the jobs out to help with the tight deadline and Jerry did the finishes.

Jerry would print these out and light-box them and make whatever changes he wanted and then go to inks.


John Gallagher said...

Beautiful Mike! A question-- when you are laying out pages for another artist like Jerry, do you "channel"his style?


Mike Manley said...

Thanks John. No, I didn't try and do Ordway's style, I just did my thing figuring Jerry would just hang his style over it.

CCG Coordinator said...

Ah, now I see that you are showing your layouts, and both Jerry's pencils and inks. And I now recognize the story as that from Weird Worlds! Enjoyed this series - seems like it presented some of the top talents still in comics a chance to pour a little extra "love" into the work by easing the deadline pressures (10 pages a month vs 22). I think the industry really needs an infusion of quality not quantity :-)

J. Gilpin