Friday, March 30, 2012

Final Semester Week 11

The weeks are cooking down to just a month left so I'm spending every moment I can painting away for my ASE wall. This painting entitled Altoona Red was taken from a pic I snapped while in Altoona, PA at last fall's Illux Con. Like so many cities of former industry, Altoona is one of those places where you can feel time sort of passed it by. It has a very Hopperesque feel about it, especially the downtown where things looked liked they stopped the clock in the Mercury Program. There is a very permeable feeling of melancholy in places like that. I love places like that to paint.
I the one class I have with Scott Noel we started on the last pose for the semester and my last class painting of my undergrad career as a student at PAFA. Scott set up some crazy sprawling Edwin Dickensonesque tablo with three models and a bunch of the stands and props--with Scott himself in the middle. The pic above was from my first session which was only 20 minutes as i was running late that day. So I only got to bust down this quick rough-in.
Scott came into the uninstructed class this week so we could get more time with him in the setup. This was my second go at it and in h end of the session I took a big brush and sort of went back in and knocked it down a bit and mushed things together. On Tuesday I'll hack at it again. This weekend is the annual Susan McDowell Eakins Figure Painting Competition, which I won last year. Its a two-day event, 9-4 and sponsored by the painting dept and open to any 2-4th year Certificate and BFA student. So off to clean my palette and get ready to paint away this weekend.

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