Thursday, March 01, 2012

Getting Ready To Show!

Yesterday was the big move in and set up for my show at Rodger LaPelle which opens tomorrow night at 6pm. Of course the one day I have and must move my work from studio to gallery is exactly the day it decides to pour rain here in Philly!
But the show must go on a despite the bit of a slow-up at U-Haul and the rain I got my paintings all out of the studio and moved into the gallery with the help of my buddies Davis Golas and Will Sentman. I had blankets from U-haul covering the big paintings.
This was my first time with setting up a show in a gallery on a pro level, I've done it at school, but here most of the major decisions are mine to make, where and what to hang in what order and what to put of certain walls. The "cheek walls" in a gallery, a term I didn't know about before, they are the mini or little walls that stick out that are just enough width for a small painting in a gallery but cane be viewed 15-20 feet away. Here I was told to put some little gems to catch the eye.
When I arrived Rodger and his wife Christine were taking down and moving all of the work from the previous show and that gave me the whole gallery. I had 31 paintings to hang in all and to be honest, even though I don't think I could have actually painted any more or any faster I initially felt like "Crap! I don't have enough paintings done!" But after spreading them out and a bit of arrangement I think I had enough and the show will feel full but not overcrowded, nor underfeed. I also went about touching up the gallery walls here or there and in a way wish Rodger had let Dave,Will and myself repaint the whole gallery, but I went about hitting the trouble spots to my eye.
Lastly I had to make my final numbered check list with prices and then we were done, the paintings were in place and would be hung by Lapelle, and I could finally go home and catch a full nights sleep.

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