Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary--Judge Parker!

Today is the second anniversary of me taking over Judge Parker and the beginning of my 3rd year on the strip.
The strips has really moved all over in the two years and I am really enjoying the current storyline by Woody Wilson a lot since it gives me a chance to draw some action, assassins and sexy gals with guns--lots of fun to draw for sure.

I think this year I grew into the strip as my own after the first year of getting used to the characters and the flow and frankly just getting my feet wet. I had to hit the ground running and get used to the flow of a comic strip instead of a comic book and that did take some ajustment. I still think even though I love the classic strips I am a comic book guy and sometimes feels a bit cramped on the strip.

Unlike characters I was very familiar with like Batman or Spider-man, or even X-9, JP and crew were really new to me and I had no pre-existing indeas or feelings about them, they didn't live in my imagination yet. They do now and I feel I know them and that the strip is really mine to take in the direction I want artistically--although Woody told me that from the beginning. So off to year three and the winding road and endless run that are the comic strips.

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Rob Morris said...

Congratulations, Mike! Great work!Here is to many more years on Judge Parker! (did you get my note about a JP commission)?