Sunday, September 10, 2006

Baltimore Con Day One part 1

Just a quick hit here to tell about the first day of the Baltimore show. It was a good day, a good crowd and everyone seemed happy and a bit relaxed. I had a great day selling art and sketches. Once again Mark Natahan and his amiable staff show how to host a show, even providing guest with a free lunch as well as a free booth, and checking up to see if we were doing ok and needed anything during the day.

Sale of original art was pretty good, and I did a handfull of sketches but didn't make it around to see much of the show, though I did chat and bump into a many friends, but I was at the booth most of the day.

I got a bit turned around driving in from the Hilton at the BWI so we arrived just as the closest lots filled, so Echo and I had to park a few blocks away and hoof it in and set up just minutes before the show started. Mark also had me right next to Twomorrows my publisher which was great! Another sign of good planning! Thanks Mark!

Echo put up a sign to do caricatures and had a few takers. I love her signs, they are so funny. One lady asked her to "not make her too fat".

About 11:15 the fire alarm went off. Most everyone, like me, looked around, didn't see smoke or panic and figured a kid pulled the alarm. But after a few mintues the voice came over the loud speaker telling us we did indeed have to evacuate the was a leagl issue--please move out! People moved slowly toward the exits, some like myself, used the men's roon on the way out, even stopping to wash my hands and dry them, Echo and booth mate Scott Nelly took our art and joined everyone else outside to wait and see what was what. It was funny seeing so many pros all standing outside mixing in the alley.

About 15 minutes later another crowd of people started coming our way...

And they all seemed sorta dressed the same...

They kept on coming...sone wore The Empire Strikes back T-shirts, some were dressed like Shaun of the Dead!

Like zombies!!! AHHH!

Then the Ok was given and we went back zombie attack.

I got to meet Michael Golden at the show which was a real treat for me, as I was and I am a big fan of his work and have been since I was a teen--yet he looks so young!

In fact Mike came over and saw me first to say how much he liked the job I did inking him on that Birds of Prey issue we did a year or so ago. Mike I think is the most influential artist to come into comics since the last wave of silver age guys like Neal Adams and Wrightson. He is a big influence on me. The best news yet is that it looks like I will be getting to interview Mike and have him show us some of his process in Draw!

Well that's it kiddies, I'll update more tomorrow,



Teresa said...

Hey guys, hope you had fun this weekend...I miss you both...sounds like you had some crazy fun! Those people do look like zombies!

John Beatty said...

Wow...Golden let you take a picture! LOL...tell him I said "Hello" if you can Mike! He will be 51 this year...

And I know what Echo has to drink in her picture...that wonderful "Vanilla Chai Latte!" ...god I love those!

Sounds like a good Day One!


Jamar said...


Kelly said...

Hey guys!! Looks like you're probably having a good time in spite of the (not so)alarming disturbances. You'll have to tell me all about it on Tues. Sushi again? Same place, same time? Scott and I just bought some pretty chopsticks from a Korean market near here and I'm lookin' to break 'em in!

Alan said...

Wow! That is so cool!

We were just talking about the greatness of Mike Golden in the Ghostbot office. Avengers Annual #11 is my most cherished book. Also, GI Joe never looked better than that October Guard story in their yearbook.

TheMulf said...

Cool, looks like it was a bucket of fun. Too bad you didnt take out any of the zombies, darn flesh eating scum!

Scott Neely said...

See what you missed at the show, Jamar! I even saved you a chair at the show but Echo wound up getting it. You missed it all! Marc Nathan paid for all the food and everyone wound up getting lap dances for free (not from Marc)! Haha!

bustedacres said...

YEAHHH!!! Michael Golden! Please do talk to him for DRAW--I love that guy's work and know almost nothing about the behind-the-scenes stuff (besides what was in the SPARTAN X series).

Can't wait for that!

danielcox said...

holy shite...pls do the Draw! issue with Mike Golden! do it now, ok. no, i mean it. stop what you are doing and get it into the shops...pls!


Jamar said...

Thanks Neely. Now I feel worse!

Thanks for looking out, bro. I gotcha next time!