Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Figure Drawings Week 14

Here are this weeks figure drawings from DCAD. I ran the lab this week so we had some very good lighting again. These are all either 2 minute, 10 or 20 minute poses.

Bigger scan here.


UrbanBarbarian said...

#3 from the top is killing me! Wow, that's good! Great toning, Unca Mike!!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Yeah , nicely done!

Chris Gardner said...

Mike, I love your figure drawings, they're lovely, I've been popping into your blog for quite a long time now but had never posted a comment. I've started one of these blogger things so now I can. You've got loads of talent, so many different types of work on the blog and your great at 'em all. I'm in North Wilmington and work for House Industries, we used to have the studio down on 5th and Tatnall and I'd pop into the DCAD figure drawing classes here and there. I'll have to come back around as it seems you've got some good things going on there nowadays. Take care good sir.

Brian said...

Hi Mike,

Glad to see you are using negative space more in your figure studies. It really makes the highlights on your figure pop.


Echo said...

Good works and I will miss your lighting set ups >:D

SmittyCartoons said...

the nice lighting makes a huge difference! those are all great! nice work!!