Saturday, September 09, 2006

Batimore Comicon

I am down in Baltimore for the weekend to do the annual Baltimore Comic Con. I arrived yesterday to the crazy crowded streets of the city which were packed with a gazillion Yankee Fans who were in town to see the home game series against the Baltimore Orioles. Traffic was a nightmare.

It was a weird day, the toilet chain broke on the last flush before we went out the door and then there was a fritz with the airconditioning in the jeep, some kind of short as soon as I started the jeep up. It would go off and on the whole way down....ominus? Who's to say. Did the few extra minutes we spent dickering around with this stuff prevent us from having a car accident? Were our guardian angles doing this to slow us down to prevent Echo and I from having some kind of Final Destination?

Probably not, but I always think of things like that when stuff happens on trips.

I hope the show is a big hit like last year and I make some fat assed cash! I'll post a report as usual on the event.

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