Friday, September 01, 2006


Now back to the Funnies as they used to say. Here are a few more inked pages from Tales of the TMNT 40.

A bigger scan here.

A bigger scan here.


Brothergrimm said...

First page, bottom right panel, looks like he's touching Casey inappropriately. Casey needs an adult!

Mike M said...

whatever a consenting adult and a anthropamorphic, octigenrian mouse do is leagl on pulp paper, except in Tenn.

Henry T said...

Hey Mike, It's Henry. You're Blog looks great, you just keep pumping stuff out... that’s the rhythm I need to get into. I just got my Blog up and my real website should be up in a week or two. If you ever got around to checking out that DVD I gave you I'd love to hear any comments you might have. I'm sure you could rip me to shreds but that’s fine, heh.. in fact, it's encouraged. Talk to you later.