Sunday, May 27, 2007

China Update 2

Found another internet cafe, this time closer to our hotel. Well the trips been great, we went to the Summer Palace on Friday which had the best weather of any day here so far. It was a great place, full of all kinds of tourists from here and all over the world. I snapped a ton of pics and I'll probably start a blog for the trip when I get back. I've only had the trots once, but it was probably due more to the 10 beers and shots of tequila and the spicey, greasy food that bad water. Today we go to the forbidden city and tomorrow we will go to The Great Wall.

Echo's friends are all great, last night I tore up some Frankie and some Elton John at Party World for Karioki. China is a lot different in some respects than i thought it would be. I thought it would be more of a dictatorial type place with lots or army guys standing around ready to dish out some beatdowns. i guess if it was ever like that it's all gone now. You can see they are really preparing for the big show of china to the world with the Olympics next year. There are a lot of people though. We road the bus back from The Summer Palace and eventually just bailed out as it was so crowded it was unbearable.

The food so far has been ok, sometimes a bit greasy and forget getting anything diet like Diet Coke. I guess if you are a diabetic you are screwed here or have to carry a holster with insulin with you.

Thank god for Mcdonalds, I can at least get a so-so cuppa joe there. i like tea, but I need my joe!

Tasi jian!


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Kelly said...

Sounds like you guys are making the most of your time there!! Good for you. I can't wait for you two to get back so you can fill me in on the finer details of the trip!