Monday, May 07, 2007

My Backyard 2

Here is the finished painting, I went pack in once it was tacky enough this morning to pop some stuff and do the wall with the pallet knife which is very tricky to use and i still don't have my feel for it yet. I made myself stop as I think I'm at the point that I could ruin what I have by being too picky. This was a challenge since the values are very low key because the entire side of the garage is in the shadow, the sun was on the other side so the highlights were not big jumps. I learned some things as I do on every painting, which then makes me realize how much more I have to learn.


william wray said...

When you leave a lot of hard edges on a "busy groups of stuff" like the junk pile a good trick is to drag you knife over the least important areas and greenery leaving and you center of interest tight. Lose as many edges as you can in a painting.

Mike M said...

Good tip, maybe I'll do some of that.

Daniel said...


you've managed to make a pile of junk beautiful.

kudos and keep up the good work.