Friday, August 03, 2007

Drawing and Sketching

In spite of the heavy work on the Secret Saturday board I wanted to keep my hand in sketching this week, so Echo and I went out a few times to the local Borders and the Starbucks down the road as well as the figure drawing an DCAD, the first we'd been to since school was ou---and it has been months since I did that. I bought two new sketchbooks from Michaels this week just for our coffee shop sketching as we were burning through the last ones fast. the sketches of the faces are mostly in pencil, B-HB and the figure drawings are in charcoal.

These two were drawn directly in marker.

We plan to get out and do some more drawing this weekend and if we can get out to the final DCAD figure drawing next Tuesday.


Andreas said...

Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know that your Agent X9 story has just been released in Sweden. If you (or anyone else) is interested in a copy you can e-mail me at for mor information. Feel free to make a post about this on your blog it's OK and include my e-mail there if you want to. The art was really nice and I liked the story too. The editor wrote in this issue that they are awaiting reader feedback before they decide if they will continue publishing new Agent X9 stories. The price for the issue itself is about $5.80 and besides your storie there are three other comics: Modesty Blaise, Garth and Wayne Shelton. Postage costs may be high though, as the Swedish postage rates are very high.

Mike M said...

Thanks Andreas, the good news is I have been given the go and I am starting the next X-9 story. I'll e-mail you off list.